Industrial Security Specialist Job Description

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what does a security specialist do

The Security Specialist will have to identify the compromised machines and will provide a brief of the security measures taken by them. They have to evaluate the security risks and come up with proper response procedures.

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Admissions advisors can provide more info about security programs and curriculum, admissions & start dates, career placement, tuition costs, personalized financial aid options & scholarships. Unique to WGU’s program is the incorporation of a Udacity Nanodegree—a highly recognized credential designed to prepare you for a career in data science. But being a key component of a company’s information technology needs can be a rewarding responsibility. It’s a good idea to let your employer know about your plans to study, as they might be willing to help with the funding. After all, the knowledge and skills you gain will benefit your career and, in turn, the organization. Ensuring that all security protocols and systems comply with NISPOM requirements. Provide physical security for patients, employees and property at Phoenix Baptist Hospital.

  • Explore this page to learn how factors like location, education, and work experience affect the salary and career outlook for security specialists.
  • A protective officer is in charge of preventing theft and damages in stores and other establishments.
  • Training includes learning about report writing, public interaction, first aid, protection, and crisis management.
  • Since a security specialist is essentially an entry level position in the large world of cyber security, there are positions you can start out in at first and then, you can work your way up the ladder into a management role.

Implement password authentication to keep unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data files. Encrypt data transmissions and erect firewalls to conceal confidential information during transmit. Relevant clearances and certifications such as Top Secret clearance and DoD Information Security Management certification. Troubleshooting and diagnosing security flaws and implementing effective interventions.

Getting a Degree in Cyber Security: 8 Important Considerations

The professionals must keep track of the CND incidents from the beginning through final resolution. They have to conduct real-time CND incident handling to offer necessary support to the deployable incident response teams. Tech Co. is a large server storage company with locations on both coasts of the United States. We maintain off-site data storage for more than a hundred how to become a security specialist small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States. We are dedicated to maintaining a small team of highly competent employees who understand the importance of data security. However, we are also dedicated to maintaining a good work-life balance and are flexible when it comes to shifts worked and time spent at the facility as opposed to working from home.

What does an IT security specialist do?

IT security specialists defend an organization’s data and information systems. They accomplish this through a mix of managing security software and educating personnel on cyber security best practices to prevent data breaches, and responding with the appropriate countermeasures should a cyber attack breach the defenses.

As a security specialist in this field, you’ll need to keep aware of your surroundings at all time. Training includes learning about report writing, public interaction, first aid, protection, and crisis management. Read our informational guide to learn about the degrees, certifications, and professional experiences needed to become a security specialist. The Entry level Information Assurance/Security Specialist applies fundamental concepts, processes, practices and procedures on technical assignments. The Entry Level Information Assurance/Security Specialist performs work that requires some practical experience and training.